OMBRE POWDER BROWS has become very popular in recent years. This is evidenced by the increasing number of women who choose to do so. Ideal technique for those who want a natural eyebrow filling but at the same time a very beautiful eyebrow shape. After all, time is precious these days and this aesthetic proposal can save us a lot. In fact, OMBRE BROWS has the ability to correct the shape and correct an old tattoo as a cover up. Ideal for oily and mature skin.

Our 2-day seminar is aimed at beginners as well as professionals who wish to learn the OMBRE POWDER BROWS technique. In this seminar you are taught all the techniques (ombre – full shading, pixels).

Briefly the training program:

  • Course theory
  • Client medical history and consent form
  • Accurate measurements
  • COVER UP pricing & color correction
  • Understanding fitzpatrick scale
  • Correct choice of pmu machine
  • Needle selection
  • Fixing an old tattoo
  • 2η day direct contact on a physical model by the trainee himself with supervision by the trainer EVA AKRIVOU.

The total cost of the seminar includes the training manual of the KEC ACADEMY WORLD WIDE academy. At the end of the training, a Certificate of Attendance is given.